Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Re: Stacks (finished state, I think. At least for the time being.)

Photo by Luc Demers. Two panels, one on top of the other. I forgot the dimensions, but it's aroud 70"x80" overall.


  1. this looks great. i dig your title, too

  2. I saw your work at the museum in Portland. It was incredible, it captured too many interior and exterior things to describe. So personal to me.
    I miss camden like an old discarded shoe that is out of style and you still love but can't wear anymore. It was my birth from the forests of vermont. My tanbark sailboat, guitar, fireplace and sheep out of the bathroom window. When I pass the little red house I have the urge to go up to the farm and purchase some eggs, butter, and milk while the geese are screaming bloody murder at me. When I'm low on cash I want to ask tony if he'll need help haying this summer. Really I just want the great dinner party that mary will put on after haying.
    You've turned into an incredible talent and i like to think that in some way the john denver songs and 1 christmas song i taught you has something to do with it but i kind of doubt it.
    I hope all is well with you and your family.

    John Johnstone