Thursday, November 3, 2011

Space Gallery show-Portland, Maine by a generous grant from the Berkshire Taconic Artist's Resource Trust, Space Gallery presents 'Gideon Bok Wall Drawing/Covers,' a solo painting and drawing installation show.  The show opens November 3 and will run until December 16.  The show will be an installation of 188 record paintings in three arrangements, and a large ongoing perceptual wall drawing of Space Gallery.

Over the course of the show the drawing will progress and change according to what is happening in the space, as I will be drawing the people and objects in the gallery (which is also a music/performance venue.)  There will be a public talk followed by a closing reception for the show on Friday, December 16 at 7:00 pm at the gallery.  The wall drawing is temporary during the run of the show; it will continue to change from day to day and will be erased and painted over at the end of the show.

Space Gallery is a non-profit alternative music and arts venue located at 538 Congress St. in Portland, ME. 

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  1. Gideon,

    I just wanted to thank you for a great talk last night. It was great meeting you and hearing about your process and work. I am fascinated by art that delves into how we perceive our various places and spaces. I am still captivated by what can be learned from the variations between the charcoal and graphite drawings because of their approaches. In particular, I am drawn to that point at the corner of the stage that you fielded a question about. In the graphite drawing, the limitations of spacial reality start to hinder how that point comes together. In this case, it yields an interesting point in the drawing. In the charcoal drawing however, that point does not cause a problem for you. I find it amazing how our minds fill in those gaps. The way that we perceive that point is based on a combination of actual observation, and a set of ideas about space that we develop from experience and imagination. Just wanted to reiterate that. thanks again for a great talk and great work.
    Adam John Manley